La Jolla Polygraph

Let's have a
about a
polygraph test
in La Jolla
when you call
818 883-6969

La Jolla lie detector test

A La Jolla lie detector
testing can be used to
distinguish lies from truth

La Jolla polygraph offices

La Jolla polygraph examination
instructions require that:

--all questions be answerable
with a Yes or a No

--for most accuracy, questions
should be single-issue

--that answering be done with
mouth only (no head-nodding)

polygraph examination in La Jolla

We offer competitive rates
La Jolla lie-detector testing,
but when cost needs to be lower,
another SoCal county has testing
for about $144 for a complete test

lie detection polygraph La Jolla

A lie-detector test
in La Jolla allows
a maximum of
4 questions to
come from the client

polygraph test in La Jolla

Del Mar California
lie detector test

La Jolla lie detection service

A free confidential
consultation at
818 883-6969
will quickly show
you how a La Jolla
polygraph examination can
help solve your troubling issue

polygraph appointment in La Jolla

La Jolla polygraph
examination rules
follow Federal
polygraph guidelines
for most accuracy

lie detector test in La Jolla

During your
La Jolla California
lie-detector test,
the computer will be monitoring variations in your blood,
respiration and sweat

La Jolla lie-detector test

Need deeper details
about how a
La Jolla
polygraph works,
try HERE

La Jolla California lie detector

Carmel Valley CA
lie detector test

La Jolla California polygraph test

Torrey Pines CA
lie detector test

best polygraph in La Jolla

Polygraph in
La Jolla California