Interpreters, for if you
need a polygraph test
in another language

Interpreter polygraph Spanish polygraph Russian polygraph Hebrew

Spanish polygraph -- Russian polygraph -- Hebrew polygraph

Chinese polygraph -- Farsi polygraph -- Korean polygraph

Hindi polygraph -- Arabic polygraph -- Armenian polygraph

Japanese polygraph -- Vietnamese polygraph -- Turkish polygraph

$145 for a complete
examination in English.

Lie-detection assistance for
most languages is available
at an additional cost.

English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese,
Japanese, Armenian, Farsi, Turkish,
Hindi, Russian, French, Arabic, Hebrew,
Korean, Mandarin, German, and others.

Hebrew polygraph

We can also assist you with Federal polygraph
academy instructions on 'Using An Interpreter'
(we have the Federal Government manual
regarding use of an interpreter in polygraph) .

We are knowledgable about cultures that can not allow
their spouse to be alone with a male, so it can be arranged
for you to monitor the testing if you don't interfere.

Call 818 883-6969
or e-mail to
for more information.

use an interpreter in a polygraph

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