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Polygraph examinations are done nowadays using computerized equipment, following very exacting question-script guidelines developed by the US Government's federal polygraph academy.

So, it doesn't matter if you pay $100 or you pay $1000-- the test is the same, the accuracy is the same.

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YOU can write the questions of importance to be used in the test, with any final adjusting needed of them to be done when you arrive for testing.

The questions need to be Yes or No answerable, three to nineteen words long each works best, and no 'ands'/'ors'/commas.

As the answers are given, the polygraph equipment watches for microscopic changes to the body at four locations: blood, 'sweat', upper breathing and lower breathing.

A San Fernando Valley polygraph test can help you to prove or to disprove any allegation or suspicion.

It can be done confidentially-- no names are necessary.

A complete test for $155

You come in on time for your appointment and have your one to four questions that you want asked already written on paper, and the total price is $155. (Previously $395!)

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How long does a San Fernando Valley polygraph test really take?

All examiners are taught to tell you 'Be prepared for an hour or an hour and a half'. That is partially true.

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The secret is that the actual 'polygraphing',
the part where you are wired up and answer
the Yes or No questions,
is ONLY three 5-minute charts!
The longest part,
the half-hour to an hour where
the one to four questions you
want asked are developed,
can be eliminated-- if you
think up your questions at
home and bring them in
on a piece of paper!

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