($149 & up)
Best Rates,
and here's why:

1. We cover the area, so no additional travel-time to raise your bill.

2. Unlike virtually all other lie-detection people, that is all we do. All others in the area are either private investigators or similar, doing lie-detection part-time, or are retired and do polygraph as a 'hobby'. You want someone that does polygraph full-time, not around their other business.

3. We do not gouge our clients. If you have called around, then you already know the outrageous prices being quoted by others. The secret: we all do the same thing. We follow all testing guidelines of the US Federal government, the American Polygraph Association, and the Polygraph Examiners Of America.

New York Polygraph Tests

polygraph new yorkVentura Polygraph services

Are you considering the use of a polygraph examiner
in the New York City area? Call us for a no-strings-attached
confidential talk first.

We have served the the New York area (Bronx, Manhattan, New York City, Westchester County, Rochester, etc) polygraph examinations for more than 30 years. There are many options and possibilities that we can share with you.


Perhaps you suspect that you are being cheated on or stolen from? We can help with a modern computerized polygraph exam.

Our results will not be 'inconclusive' as some less-experienced examiners might give you-- results will either
be Pass or Fail.

We have tested for more than 30 years, completing more than 10,000 polygraph examinations. Some examiners who claim to have been an examiner for '5 or 10 years' have only really done a hundred or so exams: that is really less than one year of experience stretched out over those 5 or 10 years!

So much to share with you by telephone first. New York le-detection exams from $149 and up.

Telephone us at (818) 883-6969.
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