OUR answers to the checklist:

How To Choose a Polygraph Examiner

The outcome of a polygraph examination
could have serious life-altering effects.
To help choose a qualified examiner,
always ask the 25 questions below.

Our answers
--and explanations-- are included

#1: "Do you use a computerized polygraph instrument?"     YES!

ONLY have testing done with a computerized polygraph;
don't even consider allowing the testing to be done with an old 'analog'
(also known as 'conventional') obsolete-technology polygraph.

Some part-time polygraphers don't have enough business to allow for having a
$6,000 computerized polygraph to use, and instead they use 30-or-40-year-old
antique analog/mechanical polygraphs that you could buy on E-Bay
yourself for $300 because most professionals have dumped them!

Those old instruments are really just a roll of paper with 4 moving pens,
leaving it 100% up to the examiner to decide Pass or Fail,
very often with inaccurate results.

This is so important that some polygraphers LIE in their advertising!
Watch them say that they use a computerized polygraph,
yet you find they instead use an antique analog.

If it is not on a computer screen, it is not a computer polygraph.

Computerized polygraphs use sophisticated software
to precisely score each test, pinpointing all signs of
deception and issuing an exact Pass/Fail score.

We own four $6000 state-of-the-art
computerized polygraph instruments,
one from each of the four polygraph manufacturers

(and if for a criminal matter involving a law-enforcement
agency polygraph, it is important that you have the option
of having your private examination be done using the same
instrument and software used by that law-enforcement agency;
NO other polygraph examiner can offer this critical option!)

#2: "Do you have a professional CV?"     YES!

Available upon request for a filed court matter.

#3: "Have you testified in California
court as a polygraph expert?"     YES!


If any other examiner tells you they have, call me.

#4: "Do you test the examinee three complete charts?"     YES!

Do they test the examinee THREE times on the same set of questions?
There is far more chance that a person can wrongly
pass or fail if only one test is administered.

Many persons can wrongly pass or fail on the first test, due to
'initial questioning shock'. Some examiners only collect two charts
(that is, do two tests). Three testings takes longer but is best.

We test 3 times, with a short break in between each.
Scoring of each chart is done during the breaks.

#5: "Can I help prepare the questions for the testing?"     YES!

A standard polygraph chart/examination chart
(government. police, or private) is 10 questions.

Three of these examination charts are collected.
There are 20 seconds of time in between each
question, to allow the body to calm down
before it has to deal with the next question.

Of the 10 questions, 1 to 4 are from you or are about the matter in question;
the other questions are pre-arranged and needed for computing purposes.
Virtually any list of your many questions can be developed into
three or four direct questions for the examination.

Any variation of this (including more than 10 questions)
is not scientifically-proven to be accurate;
RUN if a standard pattern is not used!

For federal-style polygraph testing, We ask 10 questions, up to 4 from you,
repeated in 3 sets; 5 minutes in between each set.

#6: "Do you have a professional website?"     YES!

Many part-time polygraphers either don't have a website
OR the website they have proves that lie-detection is just a 'hobby'
part of their real job or business (investigation, counseling, etc).

We have CertifiedPolygraph.com
| and other lie-detection websites.

#7: "Do you include a written report of the results?"     YES!

Surprise! Many polygraph examiners finish collecting the charts
and then verbally tell the client of the pass/fail results. But when the
client asks for this to be put in writing, these examiners say 'A written
report is an extra $100'. Now that 'good price' is no longer so good.

We can include a written report
at no extra charge.

#8: "Can you accommodate my schedule?"     YES!

Some part-time polygraph examiners can only conduct the
examinations around their 'real job'. Often this doesn't fit with your
situation, and their stricter hours can wrongly affect the test results.
Some examiners even charge more for after-hours or weekend appointments.

We make day, night, and weekend appointments-
at our private offices.

#9: "Can you explain the cost differences I have seen?"     YES!

Many part-time polygraphers have to use their occasional polygraph
assignments to support their lagging 'real job' or other business, and
they need to 'premium-charge' every chance they can. All legitimate polygraph
examiners use the same type of testing formats. Since we are all to use the
same formats, why pay more for the same service?!

All we do is Lie-Detection Examinations.

#10: "Can you explain the examination process?"      YES!

Call us for a detailed discussion of the entire process;
related literature is also available to you.

10 questions, 20 seconds apart, each 3 times;
monitoring changes in breathing,
sweat, and blood pressure.

#11: "Do you only do lie-detection work?"    YES!

Most polygraphers are just 'part-timers';
their main business is something else, often as
investigators or as therapists or as security guards;
one polygraph advertiser is actually a WalMart clerk!

All we do is lie-detection.
Don't trust your situation to a 'part-timer'!

#12: "Are you a member of
Polygraph Examiners Of America?"     YES!

There are many organizations & networks associated with
lie-detection. PEOA is by far the most modern and dynamic.
Many approvable by other groups do not meet PEOA standards.

We monitor many lie-detection-related enties;
PEOA far surpasses the value of all others.
Visit www.peoa.us for more information;
we are founding members and active participants.

#13: "Can I watch the entire examination of my spouse?"      YES!

Examiners are sometimes offered 'bribes' or 'stories' by examinees
once alone with the examiner, perhaps "I made a mistake and you have
to help me pass, please-- here's an extra $200"
; also, sometimes a few
months later an examinee's spouse can wonder if the questions
were really asked and answered exactly as they should have been.

We are set-up to have you observe;
in most cases, we approve it.

RUN if you are told that you can not
observe 100% of the examination!

#14: "Do you have an office I can come to for privacy?"      YES!

Most polygraph examiners do NOT have an office.
As 'part-timers', they can only do it at a location that you
provide, or they can sometimes 'borrow' a friend's office.

The worst: examiners that use 'rent-by-the-hour' offices.

Our own private offices are ready to serve you.

#15: "Do you have at least 30 years of polygraph experience?"      YES!

Many polygraph examiners were only
in polygraph school in the last year or two.
They are still 'students', and they are 'learning' on you!

I have 34 years of experience.
I started in the 1980s.
And we do more examinations in a typical month
than most so-called 'examiners' do in a year.

DEMAND proof of experience.

We can look up the start-year on any examiner.

#16: "Do you have a polygraph business license?"      YES!

Even in states that do not have a state-wide polygraph license,
cities and counties require them to register as a business.

Unlike the 'part-timers', we are 100% in compliance!

#17: "Have you completed at least 10000 polygraph examinations?"      YES!

If an examiner's webpage doesn't show
these two things, he is an amateur:
1) YEARS of polygraph testing
2) number of persons tested

John has tested since 1980s and
has tested more than 10000 persons

#18: "For Polygraph Testing, do you use law-enforcement-grade software & training
that cost $6000 and 10 weeks of academy training?"      YES!

#19: "Did you lower your price from $395 to $145 to help the public?"     YES!

#20: "Do you have your OWN professional office,
not one you rent by-the-hour when u get a test to do?"     YES!

Visit our real polygraph office.
NOBODY else in your area has a true polygraph office.

#21: "Have you been hired to represent the polygraph profession
in nearly 1000 TV and other media appearances?"     YES!

#22: "Are your Covid precautions on a list for me?"     YES!

Can send it by text to your phone!

#23: "Can you truthfully say you are NOT using one of those hourly rentable offices
where someone uses it before you today and someone uses it after you today?"     YES!

No other polygraph office in Los Angeles can say this!

#24: "Have hundreds of TV episodes used you, because millions
of persons will see the results, so they must use the BEST examiner?"     YES!

#25: "Do you list your prices in writing ON your webpage?"     YES!


If the polygraph examiner can not
answer YES to all 25 questions above,
immediately look for a more
experienced professional.

I am the Los Angeles polygraph
examiner and polygraph instructor
who has tested since the 1980s and
has tested more than 10,000 persons
& has nearly 1,000 TV/media appearances

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A complete polygraph examination
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Add it up yourself:

John has more than 34 years experience
John now only charges $145 for a complete test
John is the only real polygraph choice.

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